Node Lion Club

500 custom Node Lions on Avalanche, giving holders an unbeatable chance to win Polar, Hive, and PXT nodes, and Avax each week. Holders are guaranteed passive income payments every 2 months!



500 unique Node Lion NFT's.

Each NFT = 1 ticket in weekly giveaway for LIFE

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Using the 500 Node Lions sales, all capital raised from the sales will be used invest in Polar, Project X, Comb, and Hive. Investments will expand with growth.


Holders will have the chance to win Polar, PXT, and Hive nodes each week. Holders are guaranteed a passive income payment every 2 months. Prizes come from the weekly investment rewards. 


30% of the rewards each week will be compounded, growing our future rewards and treasury




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We are a software developer team from California with a passion for DeFi, NFT's, nodes, and passive income.


The Node Lion Club has an exclusive membership, with only 500 unique Lions. Our goal is to reward holders with nodes on the Avalanche blockchain and passive income. Most importantly we want to help our community achieve financial freedom. We are in it together.  

What do you have to do?

All you have to do is own a Node Lion to be rewarded with all the amazing perks!

Over 7% Node Lion winners each week!



How many Node Lions?

500 on avalanche

Sale price?

3 avax

Where to buy a Node Lion?

NFTrade and Tofu marketplace, see links on home page. You purchase Lions directly from the Treasury wallet. We want you to pick your favorite Lion and love it! Not get a random one from a mint.

What are the treasury investments?

11 Polar Everest Nodes. 106 PXT2 nodes. 6 Hive worker bee nodes. 91 Comb staked. 


What are rewards for Node Lion holders?

Holders have chance will win nodes like Polar, Project X, Hive nodes, and Avax each week! Over 7% of holders will win our weekly prizes. Holders will also earn substantial guaranteed income every 2 months just by holding as their main passive income. All rewards will be sent directly to your wallet.

How do we give out so many nodes each week?

Instead of a big giveaway to just a few, we try to reward as many Node Lions as possible each week. For example, instead of giving 1 person 10 Polar nodes, we would give 10 people 1 Polar node. More for all!

How will weekly revenue be distributed?

60% for giveaways/rewards. 30% compounded to increase treasury and future rewards. 10% team/expenses

How are winners chosen and rewarded?

Winners are chosen randomly with equal probability and rewards are sent to you to create a node. For example, if you win a Polar node, the Polar tokens will be sent to your wallet. Every 2 months, ALL holders will be guaranteed passive income and sent Avax.

Long term goals?

We want to build a close-knit community, where we help everyone reach their financial goals. As the treasury builds, we plan to expand investments, diversify, and offer more rewards to holders and well as new rewards.